2014 Recipe For A Good Marvel Film:

Take one hot guy named Chris and add a talking raccoon with a gun.

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You know, funny story: There’s this craft store called Michaels. Look, my sister knits, and she goes to Michaels. So my sister called me and she’s like, “Oh my god, I’m at Michaels, picking up yarn. You have a poster at Michaels.” I’m like, “What?” She’s like, “There’s a poster, there’s a Falcon poster at Michaels.” I’m like, “Holy s**t!” She’s like, “I’m gonna come and pick you up, and we’re gonna see your poster in this store.” So she picks me up and we go to Michaels.

We go in, and I see the poster and I’m like, “Oh, this is….” She’s like, “I know, I know.” I said, “I’m gonna sign these posters.” I was like, “That would be amazing, you buy a poster and it’s like, actually signed by the Falcon.” Like, it would blow my mind. So I go to the front, I buy a Sharpie, I run back to the back of the store. And she’s like, “I’m gonna take a picture of you signing it.”

I’m in this store and I’m signing all the posters. The manager comes out, he’s like, “Hey, whatcha doing?” I was like, “Oh man, I’m signing these posters so when people buy ‘em, they’re signed.” He’s like, “Well, people are not gonna buy ‘em if they’re signed.” And I was like, “No, no, no, it’s cool. I’m pretty sure there won’t be a problem.” And he goes, “Yeah, but it is gonna be a problem, you’re messin’ up my inventory.” And I’m like, “No, my man, trust me. I mean, I’m the Falcon, that’s me!” And he goes, “Yeah, right. You’re gonna buy those posters.” I said, “What?” He’s like, “You’re gonna buy all those posters or I’m gonna call the police.”

He rolls up all the posters and goes to the front of the store. And I had to buy like 60 Falcon posters that I signed in Michaels.

- Anthony Mackie getting in trouble for signing his posters at a Micheals  (x)

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I thought you were more than just a shield.
Let’s see.

gabe and jacques teaching the other commandos, and possibly falsworth although the other two make fun of him a little for his English-public-school French that’s immaculately grammatically correct but conversationally stilted.

Steve probably can swear in at least five languages, and thanks to the serum enhancing his memory he probably is pretty fluent in at least French and German (and likely can yell, “Throw down your rifle, you son of a bitch” in Japanese).

That’s not even taking into account what he was exposed to as a child because I’m sure he can swear in Gaelic and probably (southern) Italian and Yiddish too. 

Yiddish, not a surprise - he was born on the Lower East Side and almost certainly had Jewish neighbors and friends (and is probably a complete New York snob about deli food).  Italian, possible if there were some red sauce restaurants in his area.  

Gaelic, though…wouldn’t his parents have come over around the time when the English were actively trying to suppress Irish language and culture?  And wouldn’t they have wanted their little boy to sound like an American, not a Mick fresh off the boat?  He might have picked up a few words or phrases, but I wonder if Steve is one of those first generation kids whose parents did their best to assimilate and refused to teach him the old ways, forcing him to reclaim some of it as an adult?

I mean, is there anything more American than exploring one’s roots?

Steve’s name and his parents’ names suggest very strongly that he’s not from a Gaeltacht bit of Ireland, so it’s unlikely he’d speak Irish (not Gaelic). He might know a cúpla focal that got thrown around every now and then, but he wouldn’t have grown up hearing it spoken. And there would have been a very strong emphasis on speaking English, even if they were Gaelgóirs (Irish speakers). For comparison, I have a friend who emigrated from Donegal to London in the 1970s. Irish is her first language, to the extent that she says she struggled with English when she first moved. Her adult children don’t speak Irish at all, but the family still has strong connections with their Donegal relatives (and thanks to the gossip network, I hear more about one of my cousins from her than I do from my family, since he works with one of her nieces).
has the Rogers family coming from Wexford, which is definitely not a Gaeltacht area. However, maybe Steve can speak a bit of Yola, the local Creole? It technically died out in the 19th century, but some of my parents’ friends remembered old people who still spoke it.

Ooo, that sounds interesting…I’ve wondered about how probable “Rogers” is an Irish surname, since I’d always thought it sounded more Welsh than anything else.  Maybe the family was originally from Wales, went to Ireland, spent a few generations there, and then ended up in America?   

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Stretches that improve different aspects of your body.

These just saved my fucking life you have no idea

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I’m going back to the circus.

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According to a study from the University of Washington, the rift between healthy grub and junk food is wider than it’s ever been. Researchers were able to buy 2,000 calories of junk food for $3.52 — that’s an entire day’s caloric intake — where nutritious foods cost them a whopping $36 for the same 2,000 calories.

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Food In The USA (via trashysnacks)

So, you know, STFU forever about “it’s cheaper to eat healthy LOL poor people don’t get how money works!”

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Game Of Thrones: Lord Snow

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introducing: babbuvengers

i know a dozen ppl were waiting for this but it remained a secret until now hawhawhaw :3

keep in mind they’re just tots so i didn’t want hulk to beat loki up, so the nature of their fight shifted to a lego battle


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Dr. Strange?


Don’t get me wrong, I like Steven Strange, but isn’t his backstory kind of complicated? I mean, has anyone even heard of this guy? Besides, I don’t know if a male superhero can carry his own movie if he’s not a sex symbol. He’s way too old for that. Iron Man was just a fluke.

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Think about this shit.

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So Bucky, you are back. Not as who I remember you were. 

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someone played an lcd soundsystem song over a miles davis trumpet solo and i think i feel alive for the first time in my life

*mouth hangs open for eternity*

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